“It’s his conviction and total dedication to the art that made an impact on me.”
– Luis Molina, ’14

Fresh Act a Breath of Fresh Air in Parker Theatre
Jake Mauriello for the The New Paltz Oracle, ’17

“Fresh Act is special because it gives students from any concentration a playing space to put on works they want to see,” said fourth-year Theatre Studies major Mads Leigh-Faire, one of three Fresh Act producers. “We accept and encourage student written work, which allows students to get their voices out.”

“…Outstanding comedic timing…”

Fresh Act Spring 2018: Back and Fresher Than Ever
Madalyn Alfonso for the The New Paltz Oracle, ’18

“The special thing about Fresh Act is how it opens theatre up to more people. Shows with queer characters can take the stage and plots surrounding queer characters or people of color can be at the center of the show, instead of the background. This valuable aspect of Fresh Act adds depth and inclusivity that is often lost in the mainstream.”

Drag queens seek fair pay
Matthew S. Bajko for the The Bay Area Reporter, ’19

My quotes were taken out of this article after I asked the Bay Area Reporter to remove my personal name from an article I commented on as Holden.  After being met with extreme gaslighting regarding my safety, my section was pulled rather than revised.  My pulled quotes are below:
“Drag king Holden Wood, 22, a transgender man, supports the intent of the petition but does have concerns about setting a pay minimum for drag performers at $40. He told the B.A.R. that setting the base pay at $25 for gigs in bars and clubs may be a more realistic benchmark.
“I am nervous it will turn the scene a little monotonous,” said Wood, as bars may begin to only book those performers they believe are a big enough draw to warrant being paid $40. “I think the conversation needs to be had with bars and performers together. It can not be one side making a demand of another.”
Wood said that Atauri has been receptive to his concerns going forward. He said how performers are paid is an important issue to address as the public may not realize the costs one incurs doing drag.
“It is incredibly important to recognize while drag is something we enjoy doing, it is work,” said Wood, who lives in Oakland and is the reigning Royal Crown Prince of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties for the Ducal Court. “This petition has really started a conversation about what are we going to do to really negate some of these costs.”
Performing in drag requires an investment, noted Wood, as the makeup, wigs, and outfits one needs quickly add up. Before even getting on stage, a drag performer has spent two hours or more getting ready, he added.
“Once you get into explaining in detail the work involved, then people can put it together. I think that is what the petition is trying to do.”


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