RoyalTea: Apollo Infiniti

Hey folx!  Welcome back to RoyalTea, the only interview segment to have been graced… by space!  This edition, we have the King of Space, the Prince of Punishment, drag king Apollo Infiniti.  A proud representative of the House Infiniti, Apollo uses his drag to promote and support underground LGBTQIA+ spaces by working with organizations such as Project No Labels and UndHERground.  He also uses his status as a king to speak out and up for performers of color, as he himself is Mexican and Native American.  Apollo can be found on the roster for some super secret state-funded projects (drag show hosted at the Nevada Testing and Training Range (Area 51), but you didn’t hear it from us) so make sure to keep an eye out for that, as well!  Alrighty, let’s blast off!


Queeries: To start off, what is Apollo?  For instance, I get very “beamed down space prince here to Dom the earth and all its inhabitants” vibe.

Apollo Infiniti: Funny enough the choosing of my drag name is nothing too special. I was in a lot of debate about a male name, and with my real name starting with an “A” I wanted to keep that to me. Apollo ended up being my choice because my real name is also mythical based and, let’s face it, creative names are hard to make! I didn’t have a last name until I was taken into the Infiniti household, by Power Infiniti, so it just became the sealed deal.

Aesthetically though, my look is based on a lot of my personal interests, lifestyles, and beliefs. I am a dominatrix in real life, so Apollo had to be powerful and aggressively sexy. I like fashion, especially military looks, leather, latex: anything that’s not conventional attire. The space part comes from just being obsessed with aliens; I love the idea of life outside of here. I’d probably support them if they came down to earth to terrorize us! [laughs]


Q: When using ‘household’, you’re referring to The House of Infiniti, correct?  Founded by Ross M. Ramsey in the 1990’s with solid bases in outreach work and advocacy surround HIV/AIDS, the House of Infiniti hosts POC drag performers and continues its involvement in the queer community.  ‘Household’, in general, refers to adopted drag families forming the underground ballroom scene. Scenes formed for queer outcasts to come together in a safe space. Though community was one gathering reason, there were often dance competitions where established Houses sent representation.  

You currently walk for House Infiniti as a Haute Couture and Avant Garde Bizarre category ballroom representative and have won your category for your house since positioned to it.  What exactly does that entail?

AI: There is definitely a lot of pressure for me to be consistent. My first ball I had won against a legendary Avant Garde Bizarre house member; when you are considered a legend, it is because of the amount of times and consistency with which you have snatched trophies.  To snatch a trophy requires fulfilling all requirements for the category you are walking for. Each ball has a theme and thus the category you are walking will have written specifics, which could entail clothing patterns, color theory, a specific item required in the look.

You then must serve the look to receive your score; if the judges provide you 10’s then you may move on to the next round to compete for the trophy. Your first 10’s is essentially the approval that your category hits the mark to compete. A lot of the scene requires clever acting and tactics to be the most noticed of your competing houses. Being that I am representing a fashion based category, I am supposed to serve my look as a model. My ballroom home has definitely helped me craft myself on how I want to be looked upon as an artist, and I tend to focus on my aesthetic because of it.


Q: If you could sum up the House of Infiniti’s ballroom manner/legacy in five words, what would they be?

AI: I’ll use a statement our other competing houses say: “Infiniti’s are the pretty ones.” But all jokes aside, my personal definition would be: Intellectual, Confidence, Empowerment, Diverse, and Family-Oriented.



Q: People call you the King of Kink.  Care to tell us a bit about how you earned that title?:

AI: I’m an openly kinky person, especially in drag. I’ve become accustomed to hearing less of the name Apollo when addressed, to more “Daddy” instead. It ended up very fitting to my persona. I think a lot of kings get called daddy, but when gay men in bars ask me if I’m single and want me to be their’s, I think the phrase King of Kings becomes justified.


Q: What song is Apollo’s anthem?:

AI: That’s tough. Music choice for me is house, techno, rave. The songs that make you shit your pants when you’re high. Fink You Freeky from Die Antwood would be a great description of Apollo.



Q: You do-did?- cosplay as well as drag.  Did one lead the way to the other for you?:

AI: In a way yes, my cosplaying immediately was drag. I had a lot of support to do drag shows in cosplay, and most of my career as a drag king was in being a convention performer. The majority of times one saw me at a convention, my character was male (I had only performed as a female character one time for a show). When the trope I was co-managing came to a halt, we decided to go into our solo careers.  That was when my knowledge of cosplaying and boylesque gave me an advantage in establishing my own unique look.


Q: Any parting thought?:

AI: I think the most important thing about drag is it’s less about me, and more about what I want to influence. I am proud that people are interested in my aesthetic, but I would want to be known for more than anything is for giving a voice to the new generation of drag, in which Kings and AFAB entertainers become equally as well received as queens. I would like to be known for calling out racism within the drag community and help establish the equal respect, pay, and treatment of POC performers. We are a community of people who were born the societal rejects, yet many harbor resentment or bigotry and prejudice to the others in our community. We have a long way to go and, through that acknowledgement, I dedicate my work to being loud and bold enough to make people make space for this coming generation.



Apollo Infiniti is a powerhouse of a performer: dedicated to his community and socially aware.  He’s helped pave the way and provide spaces for Kings of all shapes and sizes while also serving some serious looks.  If you wanna rep this King, you can support him by purchasing and wearing his merchandise, which can be found at Drag Queen Merch.  Apollo can be also found tramping throughout Florida venues, as he resides and works out of the Tampa area.  Make sure to follow his Instagram for any performance updates and upcoming projects!  Remember, the truth is out there and only this domineering king can tell you.


As always, if you have an artist you feel should be profiled or are one yourself, feel free to reach out to me, @madsleighfaire (all held social media platforms). Until next time, this has been RoyalTea with Mads Leigh-Faire, interviewing Apollo Infiniti for Queeries blog.

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