Senior Portfolio


This is a design portfolio made for Ken Goldstein’s Theatre IV; Senior Seminar class.  It is printed as a 5 1/2 in by 8 1/2 in spiral bound packet.  It is meant to take the viewer through the highlights of my time in  and before college.

I chose to start with acting, as that’s what I thought I wanted to do professionally in the theatre.

I then moved onto my Front of House work, displaying examples of paperwork I filled out and showing the happy faces I got to work with every day.

Next comes my directing work.  Directing is a way in which I love to connect to the theatre as it helps me more deeply understand material.  Trying to motivate character decisions and playing with movement.

I finish on my dramaturgical work.  Since this project was completed in my Fall semester, Oedipus Recalls would still have been in my future.  Photos from the panel I served on compliment the To Kill a Mockingbird original poster where as Oedipus Recalls serves only as a teaser for the show yet to come.

I am very proud of the work I completed in college and I’m looking forward to seeing how having worked on these projects helps me further down the line.

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